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Browser requirements
No Java, no JavaScript, no CSS, no frames, no cookies.
If your browser supports CSS, then the presentation looks a little bit nicer than without.

You can store your complete account data of your mailbox or a part of them as a cookie in your browser, even if WWMM can be used without cookies. You can set a cookie in the menu Settings after you have opened the mailbox.

Mail server requirements
The mail server must support the following POP3 (RFC 1939) commands:
UIDL is optional

Mailbox size
The number of e-mails in the mailbox has an influence on the performance of WWMM and the order of the e-mails in the content list. If the mailbox comprises less than 100 e-mails, the content list of WWMM is ordered by the date of arrival and considers all e-mails of the mailbox. If the number of e-mails exceeds 100, the order in the listing is still the arrival date but for example the ten newest e-mails in the listing are not the ten newest e-mails in the mailbox. This depends on the order of the e-mails in the mail server response to the LIST command. WWMM has no influence on this order. This is the only way to read a big mailbox without a time-out.
Nevertheless, a time-out of WWMM may happen, if the transmission speed between WWMM and the mail server is too slow or the mail server is overloaded.

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