WebCab.de's WML Workshop

Don't believe a single SDK!

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Content List:
0. The Ericsson, Nokia, phone.com SDKs
1. Text alignment
2. Text formatting
3. Navigation
4. Table
5. Select options
6. Select option groups
7. Select option onpick
8. Predefined keys

This workshop shall help WML authors, content providers and application developers to understand why you shouldn't believe a single WAP Software Development Kit (SDK). Even if your WML pages look great in all available SDK it is not very unlikely that your pages look as good in a real WAP browser.

You can either browse through the HTML pages with its screen shots or you take your own WAP SDK or WAP browser and browse through the original WML pages. The WML content list can be found in: //webcab.de/www.wml

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